Moji Apps & Keyboards

Our turn-key solution offers you the ultimate brand engagement tool for your audience. We offer you a fully-customized application for both iOS and Android, built & styled according to your brand’s specific theme and guidelines . By partnering with CLIQMOJI, your brand will benefit from a fully-loaded product consisting of two main features:

1. Branded App store-style Moji Application

This application is the core of the CLIQMOJI product and will allow you to harmoniously add your unique, brand-specific Moji keyboard onto the devices of your social audience. The application has dynamic & interactive features, such as, push notifications and the ability to add new Mojis as either in-app purchases or as free brand promotion.

2. Branded Moji Keyboard

After installation of the MojiApp , your branded Moji Keyboard will be seamlessly integrated into any messaging app & social network. Sharing your branded Mojis will be simple & an automatic for any user, regardless of the platform or the conversation.

Your BRAND at your customer’s fingertips

Your own Moji-App awaits you

It has never been easier to share fun Mojis or Stickers with friends. CLIQMOJI is an intuitive cross-platform App for iOS & Android which supports any mobile messaging App and social network. Let your fans talk with your brand! Join international brands and artists like Rapper Lil Kleine, who are already in the App stores with their very own version of CLIQMOJI.

Mobile Engagement

6 Billion Mojis are being sent every single day and users are hungry for new fun Mojis. Thanks to our innovative Moji App, we take your brand to the next level and make it part of this amazing digital success story.

We conquer the mobile advertising space for you and get your brand in their hand.

Intuitive Interface

A single app install brings your brand to a user’s fingertip. The intuitive UI of the Moji app allows a user to have access to your brand’s keyboard & Mojis, easily sharing them via any messaging app or social network.

Through the app, users can also customize their own keyboard and Moji collection

Monetize your Mojis

Brand awareness is key, but we take your brand to the next level by making it a whole new revenue stream. With Mojis, you can monetize your brand whilst putting it in the hands of a global audience.

We support all common app pricing strategies:

  • Premium
  • Freemium with In-app Purchases
  • Paidmium with In-app Purchases